consoled a cup of coffee…

…but it didn’t wanna talk*
We brewed a pot of coffee at work today because we were in need of a little afternoon pick me up before staff meeting.  I slid open the drawer that’s filled with coffee mugs and searched for the right mug to fit my mood.  Or to be more honest – the biggest mug in the drawer.
I found a mug that was covered in hearts.  My mind flashed back to an earlier conversation where my colleague told me that coffee was like a mug full of love.  So I pulled out the mug covered in hearts, filled it with coffee and walked over to staff meeting.
As we sat in staff meeting I wrapped my hands around the mug and breathed the scent of coffee in deeply.  I thought about Las Vegas.  I thought about all the things happening around our country and world that seem senseless.  Violence, Racism, Sexism, Poverty, Prejudice, Natural disasters, Classism, broken systems that hold people back from becoming all that God intends for them.  The world can seem so broken and it feels like there is no way to repair the damage that’s been done.
Then I looked around the table at my colleagues.  These amazing men and women who I get to walk alongside and do ministry with.  I listen as we talk through ministry and life.  I hear their heartbeats for the congregation we serve.  I hear their support of one another and I see them clinging to the Father when all else fails.  I see them each as a reflection of Christ and I remember that there is hope.
Hope for repair that can only be found in Christ.  That can only be found when we peel back the layers of defenses we’ve put up to shelter ourselves from the pain.  Only when we’ve found the courage to lament the brokenness that surrounds us can we see through to the hope offered by the King of Kings.

*Jewel – You Were Meant for Me 

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