lead me to the cross

Most of you know that our church is currently in the book of Exodus.  We’ve been there all year, we will continue through the rest of this year.  Some of you also know that as a staff we spend time dwelling in the Word together each week.  This is a story about both of those facts.
Last week we were dwelling in Exodus 15:22-27.  One of the questions posed to us was “What sparks your imagination? or What grabs your attention?”  My answer was found simply at the end of verse 26 when God makes a promise to the Israelites and then says, “For I am the Lord who heals you.”
After we had discussed the text there was a moment where one of the guys said, “Exodus is all about God revealing who he is to the Israelites, we are learning about his character.”
The beautify in these simple words – For I am the Lord who heals you.- is the fact that it’s one of the first moments where we see this side of our Lord.  The New Testament is filled with this imagery but in the Old Testament we see a more conquering God, especially within the Exodus story.  We see the God that sends the plagues and proves his might and his power.  The Lord over all the earth and everyone in it.
But the softer side comes out in this little end of a verse.  The Lord who not only conquers our enemies and provides food for us, but Chooses to heal us.
Restores us.
Picks us up, dusts us off and places our feet on solid ground.
In a world of brokenness and wounded hearts, I choose the God who identifies himself as the One who Heals.