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Over the years I’ve had a lot of musician friends.  As with any type of artistry, when a musician is sharing their passion with you, it’s a beautiful glimpse into their heart.  Tiny moments where they come alive through their music or as they talk about music.
But I’ve never had a friend who is classically trained or plays a classical instrument, like professionally.  One of my youth leaders plays and teaches people how to play the double bass.  She is also a recent transplant to Minnesota so we’ve become exploring friends.  On our adventures we often circle back to music and she explains to me how she feels when she plays music.  She often tells me about playing more contemporary and abstract pieces and hearing her talk about them is so fascinating.
Last night I got the distinct privilege of hearing her play live.  It was enthralling.  And afterwards, as we sat around drinking coffee and eating delicious home-baked goodies, she told us about how it feels to play for people.
She said that she loves getting to share the music with others because so much of her musician life is spent alone.  She plays in her apartment or in a small practice room.  But sharing it live in front of people is what makes her a musician – otherwise it would be a hobby.
She has been given this incredible gift, she’s worked hard to hone it over years of practice and development but it’s a gift from God.  Hearing her talk about what it feels like to share it reminds me that God has given us all gifts.  And when we don’t share those gifts, we’re robbing the world of displays of God’s greatness.  He gives us these great gifts and sometimes we only use them as hobbies.
How can we show off the great Creator through our giftedness in our lives?
*blog title from Copeland’s Coffee

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