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The title of this blog came from my seminary class surrounding the question “What is the Gospel?”  In that class, one particular professor introduced the idea of striving for shalom.  Shalom being the Hebrew word for peace, completion, perfect communion with our Lord.  Within this broken world we cannot experience true Shalom. Shalom points towards our lives in heaven.
Although we cannot achieve Shalom here on earth, through the fellowship of the Spirit and the community of others, we may strive towards Shalom.
But even the word STRIVE has some negative connotations.  While finding shalom in a broken world can be hard work, it isn’t a process where we should feel shame or like we are not measuring up.  So I use the phrase “Finding Shalom” instead of Striving towards it.
This blog is focused on chronicling my own attempts to find shalom in this life I’ve been given.

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