I want to get on with getting on with things

It is 11:47 p.m. central time and I am sitting on my bed in my friend’s basement thinking to myself…
What in the world am I doing??
Wow, this feels so right.
At. The. Same. Time.
Let’s start with the second one. Tonight has been a really fun night. I was originally super bummed to have Greek starting tomorrow because it meant I couldn’t be in KC with my loves for 4th of July. And when the day started off – I definitely was a little bummed still. Last year’s 4th celebration was REAL good.
However the day was amazing. I attended church with Best Friend and the Funny One (and loved it) where I met a ton of new people, some North Park students who I will be in class with. Everyone was really nice and made me feel very welcomed.
Then Best Friend, the Funny One and I went shopping together which was SO fun. I have missed Best Friend so much and it’s fun just doing every day normal stuff and thinking, oh wait, this is our life now! Then we had one of their friends, Katie, over for dinner and a starbucks run and firework awesomeness. We went to this litte tiny park where there was literally 5 different sets of fireworks going on. Totally illegal and probably about 50 yards away from us. So we were surrounded by fireworks and it was so much fun. And we totally had dessert there of strawberries dipped in sour cream and rolled in sugar in the raw. It was awesome.
Then we came back home and I pulled out my greek stuff and tried to get ready for the first day of class tomorrow. Which is where that first thought comes into play.
I feel a little overwhelmed at the moment and realize that I’ll be fine, but it’s scary thinking about how intense this class is gonna be. A quiz everyday, exams every monday morning. It’s super intense. But I’ll be a greek master at the end right?? Right.
All that to say, I’m super anxious and excited for this new phase of life. I totally have “first day of school” jitters. What if no one likes me? (I can hear Lauren scoffing at that one). I’m just nervous but excited at the same time. It’s so great!