thanks for the memories

Nine days ago my internship ended. It was a bittersweet moment as I said goodbye to students and handed in my keys, knowing though that I still had three weeks in Kansas City to look forward to.
I had spent the last 6 months fretting over the question that I literally got asked about every 10 minutes …. “So Alicia, What’s next?” I thought for sure I’d have something figured out before I left Hillcrest. But with a week to go, I had gotten used to the fact that I didn’t know and it was okay to tell people that I didn’t know. Although I was getting sick of saying “I don’t know” and having people give me this look of terror like I was about to jump out of an airplane with no parachute. I was confident that God was going to work it out like He so beautifully has in the past 2 years with all the internship stuff.
And I was right. (insert the I told you so dance here). On Wednesday morning before I was done at Hillcrest it all fell into place. It started with a phone call I received from North Park Theological Seminary. I was accepted! (yes I was actually concerned I wouldn’t be). I called home immediatly to tell my mom my great news. After a ton of calls that day she informed me of a great “in the meantime” job in Colorado which cemented my move home.
So on August 23rd I will be moving back to the CO to live in my mom’s basement, start my Seminary classes online and hopefully start a job there while I look for more perminant work. I am applying to jobs in Youth Ministry but as I am realistic with myself, this process could take months (or more) to really get the right fit at the right church.
So for the past nine days I’ve been setting up my North Park stuff, enjoying some great alone time, house sitting to keep the funds coming and dreading the fact that I’m about to say good bye to Kansas City and some of my favorite people who have made living here so much fun. I haven’t really thought about it until today, sitting here writing this blog. I’ve had some great times here over the last year and a half. I’m a little wary of going home because I am not the same girl that left there two years ago.
But to quote my new fav She & Him song… Change is hard…I should know.
Change is hard, but it’s also the thing that keeps you moving forward. The next chapter in my life can and will be as good as the last chapter. So for now, I’m going to enjoy my last 12 days in Kansas City. And look forward to the newness of moving back home.