California girls, they're unforgetable

This is Roomsmate.  She’s my second roommate who has joined the amazingness of the Ladies apartment.  With most of my friends I don’t remember the moment we became friends but with Roomsmate, I do.  We were at a breakfast on the second day of orientation and I walked up to her and we decided to walk together to Starbucks and her house before our next event.  From that moment on, we’ve been friends.
Roomsmate and I have a lot in common.  We like a lot of the same things, not all the same things but a lot of the same things.  She shares my love for the Gilmore Girls, the Office and Diet Dr Pepper.  We both have a heart for youth ministry and we both love to sing anything and everything at the top of our lungs at any given moment of the day.
She’s outgoing, beautiful, thoughtful, caring, super smart and basically makes my life better everyday.  She is one of the few people I’ve met at Seminary that I can let my guard down and be real with.  Sometimes we don’t even have to talk.  She finishes my sentences and enjoys my hilarious jokes.
She is a wonderful woman of God and I am unbelievably blessed to have her as part of my Seminary life and to have her as my newest roommate.
Today is the perfect example of our friendship and our interactions together.  Roomsmate moved in about two and a half weeks ago and continuously commented on how we didn’t have any seating in our front room as well as the fact that we have a TV and everything to hook it up but it hasn’t been hooked up at all.  So today we come home from church and Roomsmate decides to be in project mode.  She took me down to the basement storage area and we picked out two love seats and then she went to one of the guys’ apartments and requested their assistance.  Within 2 hours we had two love seats vaccuumed and fabreezed, our TV hooked up to basic cable and we were reclining watching football.  It was glorious.
Maybe one of the funniest parts though was the fact that I had been putting off hooking up our TV because I kept saying I didn’t really watch much TV and Roomsmate’s the one who wanted it so badly.  Then Roomsmate goes through all the trouble to hook it up and we end up watching football – which Hilary does not enjoy but I do.
She’s a good roommate and an even better friend.  I like her … a lot.
So there ya have it, you’ve now met both my roommates here in Seminary.  More to come about both of them I am sure.

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