time after time I hit rewind

Today I’m linking up with Mrs. Disciple for her #FridayFive because I simply cannot help myself.  This week’s prompt is Smiles – and well, that makes me smile.
Pouring the cheese on with that one – but I simply do not care.  Here are five things in the last few weeks that have made me genuinely smile.

#FridayFive: Things that make me smile

Small children saying my name

In general, when a kid learns how to say my name, it absolutely melts my heart.  But there’s a specific subcategory of this one recently that is just killing it.  Right after I became a pastor of my church a whole slew of families at our church announced they were expecting.  As in five families, which in our church of 120 is a lot.  When these kids entered our world they were my first hospital visits in this call.  They were my first baptisms and dedications in this call.  They all hold a very special place in my heart.  These kids are now about 18 months and starting to talk.  I have recently heard my first “Pastor Alicia” from one of them and I couldn’t help but smile.  Okay – it was more like “P-tor Lesh-a” but I’m counting it.  There’s a special relationship that blossoms from being a pastor to young kids and that moment when they reciprocate the relationship is nothing short of a holy moment.

Post surgery wake up

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you have undoubtedly seen pictures of one of my students.  She received a kidney transplant from her mom a couple of weeks ago.  She’s had some non-kidney issues that have kept her in the hospital and last night she had another surgery to take care of business.  I was lucky enough to be present during both surgeries.  Last night’s surgery was a long one.  We paced the halls and waited for the good news.  After it finally came, it was a little bit of a wait until we got to see her.  When I came into the recovery area, I spoke quietly to her.  Made my way up to the side of the bed and as I touched her hand she opened her eyes and looked at me.  I couldn’t help but smile.  She gave me a brief smile and while she probably won’t remember that moment, I’ll treasure it.  It’s one thing to get news that the surgery went well but it’s a completely other to get to see her, touch her hand and praise God that everything went well.


As someone who lives far away from a lot of people she loves, I’m a huge fan of technology.  But this week what brought me a smile is my Roomsmate.  Two years ago she moved back to California. I miss her more than words can say.  She was my confidante, my partner in crime and the best roommate.  But with technology we get to talk every day.  Whether it be silly snapchats, texts, gmail chat, FaceTime or twitter, we are still living life together.  This week she sent me an article to read that she had loved, it gave words to things I had been feeling for a long time.  I’m amazed that even from more than a thousand miles away she is still challenging me and helping me to see God’s hand in my life.  So maybe this one is less about Technology and more about her deep loving friendship.

Meghan Trainor

I’ve been a long time fan of Meghan Trainor.  But she recently released a new song and it cemented my love for her for a few reasons.  First of all, the song “Me Too” is all about loving yourself and your body.  I’m all about promoting positive self-talk.  Secondly, when her video released she saw that she had been heavily photoshopped in it.  She called all the people in command and took the video off the internet.  She approved and re-released the video unphotoshopped.  She’s not the first celebrity to take a stand on photoshopping but this week, that made me smile.  Lastly, in her recent performance on the Tonight show, she fell at then end, because her heels were CRAZY high.  She made it through a whole dance break without falling, but turning around at the end was what made her fall.  And she had the perfect reaction to it – she laid on the floor and laughed.  Keep doing you, Meghan.

Graduation Announcements

It’s that time of year again!  I’m loving seeing what my students come up with for their graduation announcements.  But this year also marks a very special year of graduation.  I’ll be traveling home next week for the graduation of my dear (adopted) little brother.  His mom was my boss in my first internship.  They moved to my home town when he was little.  Very little.  I once wrote about him in a blog saying that if he asked me to give him my car I’d give it to him – he was that cute as a kid.  This year he graduates from high school.  I cannot believe this is where we’re at.  He and his family are like my second family, related by the blood of Christ.  I got a huge grin opening his announcement and even now as I anticipate a trip home to celebrate him.

What’s made you smile this week?

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  1. I have no choice but to head to YouTube to look up all the Meghan Trainor smiles! I heard about the story and applauded her honesty. Thanks for linking up, P-tor Lesh-a!

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