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The last two weeks of Lead Stories Podcast have been about empowering women.  They shared a couple of interviews with women who are leading in some cool ways down in Florida and this week they shared five tips on how to empower women.  For today’s #TuesdaysinLeadership I thought I’d share some stories of how I’ve been empowered by others.
One of the tips that Steph and Jo shared this week was to know the people you are empowering.  Jo shared a story that instead of asking her to speak, someone once just put her in the program.  This person knew that she would overthink the ask, so they went ahead and put her down.  This person was a good friend and knew her well enough to know that would be okay.
I’ve <thankfully> never had that happen to me.  But I’ve had people take a chance on me, give me the opportunity to do something a little out of my comfort zone that ends up being a great gift.  Two years ago I was contacted by the director of one of our area camps, asking me to come be the pastor of the week that summer.  It would include speaking 5 times and just generally being available to the staff and campers as a pastoral figure.
I was really nervous.  I had never done something like this, even though I’ve always dreamed of it.  I’d love to speak more than I do.  I believe it’s a gift I’ve been given – to be able to communicate God’s Word in an accessible way.  But at the time I was pretty fresh into my first full time pastoral role.  It’s hard to break into the speaking game, especially as a young woman.
But this camp director took a chance on me.  He has known me since I was in high school.  He was on staff at my home church for a year and we ended up serving in the same conference.  Even though he had never heard me speak, he was asking me to come be a part of what he was doing at camp.
It was an incredible week.  It really helped me as a speaker not to mention it was really fun.  The director continued to encourage me and has asked me back to speak twice.
Sometimes as women we have the tendency to second guess ourselves.  We wonder if we really are good at specific aspects of our jobs.  Opportunities arise to us and we consider turning them down because we are not sure we are qualified.  This is why it’s so important to have people in our lives that speak truth – truth from God – into our lives.
I’m so thankful that there have been a series of people who have taken a chance on me.  Who have given me opportunities I wouldn’t have had otherwise to help grow in my skills as a leader.  This is not limited to speaking opportunities, I’ve been given opportunities to be a behind the scenes person at events or to help speak into parts of retreats.
I’m still learning how to do this well for others now.  I want to be able to take my own influence and empower women as well.  It’ll come with time I am sure.  But I think God for the people who have walked before me, blazing the path for women in leadership and then have turned around to help me along the path.

Who’s empowered you lately?  And who could you in turn empower in your life?

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