band-aids don't fix bullet holes

A few weeks ago I talked about being in the rough.  About feeling like I was lost but at the same time mere feet from where I wanted to be, where I knew I needed to be.
Last weekend I went home, a quick little vacation to reconnect with myself.  This weekend I reconnected with those around me.
Last weekend my Friday night consisted of family dinner and bed time snuggles.  This weekend it was a warm dinner on a cold night alongside some great friends and catching up on our favorite shows.  A low key night for Halloween while texting with my family.
Last weekend my Saturday was a pumpkin patch with my nieces and goddaughter and one on one time with my mom.  This weekend it was a craft/nails/netflix day with a new friend who feels like an old friend.
I’ve always been really tentative with friends.  Letting people in has always been hard for me, but not letting people in is harder on me.  That’s why I’ve become pickier with who I choose to let in, who I allow to be in my inner circle.
I was once told that when Jesus compared us to sheep it wasn’t always a positive thing.  Often times sheep get packed in close together and end up biting one another.  The person sharing this wisdom told me that when sometimes as human we bite each other – we cause pain accidentally, because we are imperfect people.  We’re just sheep being sheep.
In relationships, we bite one another.  Sometimes accidentally, sometimes not so accidentally.  This is why relationships are so hard, sinful people hurt other sinful people.  We rely on the grace of God to fill in the gaps, to help us to forgive and try not to get hurt again.  We need God to help protect our hearts and to give us guidance along the way.
In ministry, it’s important to surround yourself with safe people.  People who you can be real with and who you can let in.  It’s for that reason that I’m so unbelievably thankful for my friends.  For those I spent this weekend with, for my Best Friend, for Roomsmate.  For My People in CO.  Thank you all for standing by me and for walking this path with me.  Thank you for being my circle of trust.

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