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The other night I was sitting around with my church small group and we were talking a bit about our favorite foods.  It started as my best friend and her husband talking about their favorite type of candy and how those types of candy are not shared with company.
Then last night the roomsmate and I had a couple of friends over to watch a movie and were were offering them something to drink.  Now, we don’t share a lot of things in our apartment so when we have guests over we have a rule that you can only offer up your own drinks/food to the guests.  So I was offering up drinks but I realized I had nothing in the fridge to offer up, except my coveted juice boxes, so Roomsmate offered up the drinks she had and after everyone was served the conversation came up about sharing things.  I revealed our rule as an explanation as to why the options I gave sounded so awkward.  I think I said something along the lines of, “because I don’t have any drinks so I couldn’t offer anything, except for juice boxes and we all know how I feel about juice boxes.”
To which one friend said, “I don’t know how you feel about them…”  So I had to come clean, “I don’t share my juice boxes,” I replied sheepishly.  Luckily he accepted that and we started the movie.
But this got me thinking about our favorite things.  In our apartment, we are usually open to sharing or letting each other have some of our food with the exception of a few items.  You always have to ask but mostly, we’re pretty open to sharing.  Except for certain things.  In living together we’ve been able to pin point those things in each other and it’s now a funny joke.
Roomsmate has her Kinders, (a bbq sauce from California that is seriously so good) hot dogs and bacon.  Cat has her tea that she drinks all the time.  And mine?  Apple juice boxes and tortillas.  My roommates know that I love these two items more than almost anything else and if they were to finish my tortillas or drink a juice box, it would be bad news.
It’s just funny to me how one way that I judge closeness with people is if they know what those few items you have to have on hand at all times.  Roomsmate knows that my heart is happy when I’m eating a tortilla.  I know that if she’s eating some chicken or sandwich she’s going to have her Kinders there for dipping.
What’s more is that it’s a simple way to show each other love.  To share the things we love with each other is a simple way of loving each other.  We often joke that Roomsmate will know when I’ve met my future husband when I allow him to have a juice box.  Cause she’s not even allowed to have one.
So what are your favorite things?  Do you know your roommates/friends/spouses?  and how do you share (or don’t share) them?

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