I need a language as large as this longing inside

Yesterday I was sitting in my Greek Exegesis class and our professor shared something magical with us.  (You should probably know that this particular class just might be my favorite because of our professor, the content and my classmates).
So we were learning about the definite article and it’s various forms in Greek, sounds amazing right?  One of my classmates asked the question, “I understand when we talk about it in here, but when I’m in the library struggling through the text, how am I supposed to recognize/remember all of this?”  That’s when our professor smiled and gave us this comparison.
He said that at his optometrist’s office they have a Magic Eye. Remember those from childhood?  Those pictures that look like nonsense until you look at them in just the right way and all of the sudden a 3-D image pops out?  Well he talked about how sometimes he can see it and other time he can’t make his eyes do the magic trick and it goes back to looking like squiggly lines.
He likened this to our study of scripture.  His purpose in teaching this class is that we can understand these little nuances of scripture and what they mean.   When we look at scripture knowing all these little things then suddenly these 2000 year old words pop and have color and contour.  It’s not about being able to understand it totally a hundred percent every time but  that when we read about it in commentaries and such we can point back and say, oh yeah, that’s what that means.
The thing about Seminary is that sometimes it is super hard and I feel like I’m not getting it or that particular lesson means nothing in my life.  But it’s not true, I’m learning how to see Scripture / God / the world differently.
He also told us that he hopes we would have the Magic Eye to see the world in this way and be able to point to it for our congregations.  That’s it’s not about helping them understand the grammar of the Greek (please let me never be that pastor) but more so what that means in their lives.  We are going to this school in order to help people encounter God in new and engaging ways.  And that is super cool.
So, despite the fact that I am unbelievably stressed right now about midterms and papers and retreat and the likes, I am learning how to fine-tune my eye and to see life in a new way.  And I like that.

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