To you I'll sing my lullabies

To my Mom friends:

As a single woman there are times when I feel the long for a reality that is not yet true for me.  When I feel that tension in my life I thank God for my friends with kids who have welcomed me into their lives.  They’ve let me into their kids lives and allowed me to become “Auntie/Miss Alicia.”  They let me play with their kids, join in family meal times and celebrations.  I have watched my friends mother so well and so perfectly for their children.  I watch as they grow alongside their children, learning what each new phase and stage needs from them.  As they struggle through tantrums, sleepless nights, meals where they won’t eat anything, meals where they eat everything, we’ve been shopping together, playing together, walking together – I have been allowed in.  I get to fill up that part of my heart with these little ones that are so dear to me.  I’ve never been treated like I don’t belong, like I don’t know what I’m talking about because I don’t have kids.  I’ve never felt like there was anything wrong with me when I’m with these dear friends.  So to you all – Happy Mother’s Day!  You are each an amazing example of what God meant for a mom to be, each in your own amazing way.

To my church Moms:

When you’re a young member of the church staff, you learn quickly that there are women in the church who will immediately adopt you into their hearts.  Whether it be because I’ve lived in their houses for a season or they simply have taken a special interest in me because they love me, I have learned from these women.  Women who are the strong backbone of the church, who are the first to care for you or offer an encouraging word right when you need it.   Wise women who have walked through the good and the bad and lived through it to help others along the way.  These women are so dear to my heart because they show me the love and care that I need when my own mother is 1,000 miles away.  They never look to replace my mom but they care for me as if I was one of their own.  Happy Mother’s Day to each of you – for loving and caring for those in the church that need it.

To the Fab Moms:

There is this group of moms in my youth ministry that have never failed to astonish me. They all have freshman girls who have known each other since preschool.  I recently went to dinner with them and was once again amazed at how well they love one another and each of these girls.  They are pillars of strength – each of them in their own way – who have created a community for these four girls.  They share in the highlights and struggles of raising girls, they pray for one another, celebrate one another and share the burden when needed.  They are the types of mothers and friends that I strive to be someday.  I cannot count the ways this group has blessed me, simply by allowing me into their lives and the lives of their girls.  So to you Fab Moms – Happy Mother’s Day.  You are all beautiful examples of what it means to be in community together and I would be lost without you.

To the Moms in my Ministry:

I know that parents are very careful about who they let into their kids lives.  You want to make sure that the people speaking into your kids lives are full of integrity and careful with your kids.  I have always taken this responsibility with the knowledge of this weight.  All that to be said, it’s an honor and a joy to serve the kids and youth that I get to serve.  To be another adult in their lives showing them love and care is an amazing opportunity.  I am a huge fan of the moms of my kids and youth.  These kids are the best and they are total reflections of their amazing moms.  I see all the hard work that it takes to get your kids to church on a Sunday morning.  I see the way that you love them even when they roll their eyes at you.  I see your rules and restrictions as care for what they put into their lives.  I see the hugs and strong words of acceptance and love that you speak over them.  I see the way your hearts break when their hearts break.  I see how hard you work to give them everything they have.  I know the journey of motherhood can be hard and rewarding.  I see you all and I want to say this – Happy Mother’s Day!  You are in the trenches and I am so happy to walk alongside of you and your families.

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