Oh come oh come Emmanuel

“We aren’t just waiting on God – we’re waiting with God.”
– Louie Giglio on Advent

Earlier this fall I preached on the characteristic of Kindness and within my sermon I set out a challenge to for our congregation to be Agents of Kindness.  I have been on the receiving end of mountains of Kindness throughout my life.  And I mean true kindness – the acts that are above and beyond being polite to your fellow human.  In my sermon I talked about how I see the verse from the Psalms that says “Surely goodness and mercy will follow me all the days of my life.”  One aspect, in my opinion, of the truth in this verse is when the people of God bestow kindness, mercy and goodness on one another.
Whenever I open my social media or the news recently, I feel like I see a lack of this verse.  I see the brokenness of our systems, the brokenness of people, the brokenness of relationship, the brokenness of sin.  I’ve stayed quiet on social media about these things because I don’t think a productive conversation is happening in the comment section of my facebook page.  Or that if I tweet something out to oblivion about the topic that I will really be changing any hearts or minds.
Some may say I’m running from the issue.  Some may say I’m not doing my due diligence as both a pastor and a minority.  Some may say that I’m exerting privilege because I am not dealing with it.  And while some of those things might have an ounce of truth in them, It does not mean I am not wrestling with them.  I am struggling to find truth, to find grace, to find calm within the storm.
Then I hear this quote from Louie Giglio this morning.  He talks about the Advent season, the wait for the coming of the King.  And I realize that we are not simply waiting on God to reconcile the races, we are waiting with Him.  He is here alongside us.  His spirit is alive in us and in those around us.  And he makes good on his promises of mercy and goodness.  Whether through His acts or through the acts of his people.

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