been talking about the way things change

I love rivers.  Rivers of all sizes, creeks, rushing rapid rivers and the great Mississippi.One of the reasons of my love of rivers is that so many of my childhood memories had some sort of river involved.
Our neighborhood that we grew up in had a small creek running through it where the neighborhood kids would look for tadpoles and play sword fights on the mossy, wet rocks.
Or the many camping trips taken alongside of rivers and falling asleep to the sound of water rushing over rocks.  Then waking to the same sound and the fresh but murky smell of river water.  Then the return home where you discover that somehow everything in your bag is damp with the river.
White water rafting trips where you learn to respect the wildness of the river.  Learn the dangers that could overtake you at any moment if you aren’t careful.
Walking barefoot along the rocks of the river, cool to the touch yet glimmering in the sun.  Hard and jagged but at the same time slimy as if smooth.
Rivers are always moving.  The community living below the water must always change with the current.  Must be able to fully adapt to the constant change or be swept away with the rush.
Most people are either water people or mountain people – they draw near to God in those places and desire to vacation in those familiar spaces.  But in my mind, River people are a bread of their own.  Don’t get me wrong, I think I’m the perfect balance of a water and mountain person (if all other factors – like my family being in the mountains – were equal).  But really, if I’m honest – it’s the River that I find most comforting – most intriguing.
It’s in the speediness of the river that I find God.  The ever changing yet constantly stable riverbed.  My life has been like a river in some way, constantly flowing without my real ability to change anything.  It’s created a go-with-the-flow style to my heart and yet made me incredibly cautious to putting down permanent roots in any one place.
I wonder if this is how I’ll always be or that it’s the way things have been up until now and once I find my call, once I figure out where I am going with some sense of finality I will feel less transient.  Or if I’ll always have a strong sense of the current flowing through me.

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