now it's rising from the ground

This weekend I got to babysit for my favorite Chicago Kansans.  I always love babysitting for them because it usually means a few things: guaranteed laughs, good food, snuggles and some book reading.  It’s a fabulous arrangement.
A side note, with no relevance to this post is that I was babysitting so that the parents, my dear friends, could go watch their team K-State play.  So when I walked in on Saturday night all five family members were wearing K-State t-shirts.  Love it.
So fast forward to dinner.  I had served up our delicious food and we had some Gungor playing in the background.  We were sitting at the table when The Earth is Yours came on.  I made a comment on how much I love that particular song and this conversation followed:
“You know Alicia, this whole CD is about the Bible,” their 5 year old daughter told me.
“I do know that.  Do you know what this song is about?” I replied.
“It’s about how God created the earth and so everything on the earth belongs to Him.”   I could see her mind working on processing this when the chorus came on.  Almost like she couldn’t help it she started singing along.  So I joined in, quickly followed by their 3 year old son.
Holy, Holy, Holy, Holy Lord.  The earth is Yours and singing, 
When the verse kicked back in, I continued my explanation.  I tried to explain what Holy means to these two small minds.  I tried to explain that this song was meant to worship God for his creation and the ways that he provides for us.  I talked about how when we say, “The earth is Yours and singing” we are saying that we recognize that God is the one who created us all and that he is Holy.
Then the chorus came back around.
Holy, Holy, Holy, Holy Lord. The earth is Yours and singing,
Then there was a moment of silence from the kids.  Until my little 5 year old lovely broke it saying, “So we just worshiped right there.”
“We did, yeah.”  I responded with a smile.
For the rest of the night she was astonished by the fact that we can worship whenever we want.
It was one of those moments when you realize that she gets it.  She gets what worship is on the most basic level.  It’s a conversation to grow on as she continues to understand the character of God.
But in that moment, I think she got something that most of us struggle to realize in our everyday lives.

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