Pharaoh Pharaoh – oh Baby – let my people go

I must admit to you all (all 5 of you who read this blog) that I have been holding back on you.  For the last few weeks my brain and life have been consumed by one particular topic, one massively intrusive and mind altering topic and I have kept you all in the dark.  Mostly because that topic has been the theme that we are embarking on at church, and until our fall kick-off yesterday, we were keeping it a secret.  So all the things that I’ve been thinking and struggling through, are now coming to light to our congregation and I can now talk through them on here.  Hallelujah.
We are spending the next year at church immersed in the book of Exodus.  We are attempting to Discover God’s Story through one of the most well known and possibly least known/understood stories of the Old Testament.  I only say this because as our staff has spent the summer poring over the words of Moses, we always come up with more questions than answers.  We always end our time together having learned or discovered something new about this so famous story.  It’s mind blowing.
And I’m realizing that the themes of Exodus are EVERYWHERE within the Christian faith.  Everywhere I turn I am bombarded with varying thoughts and perspectives on the Exodus story.  It’s fascinating to me.
So all of that to say, I hope you understand that from here on out, you may read this blog and frequently find the story of Exodus in the topic.  I hope it stimulates your thoughts the way it has mine.  For now, I will leave you with one quote, setting the stage for this shift in blog material… this is from one of my worship class books by a woman named Constance Cherry:

After the death of Pharaoh who favored Joseph and his clan, the people of Israel found themselves in bondage and fragmented in purpose and vision.  At just the right time from God’s point of view, he intervened with a might saving act that defined Israel’s history.

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