darkness is a harsh term, don't you think?

—and yet it dominates the things I see.
Did you know life’s not fair?  Did you know that sometimes bad things happen to good people?  I’m not talking about you spilled your latte on your white dress (although that does suck).  I’m talking about the unjust things that are a product of the fallen world.  I’m talking about the fact that things exist like cancer, racism, hate crimes, death in general, MS, poverty, sexism, rape, molestation … obviously the list goes on.  So in the midst of a world where you are constantly faced with the unfair systems of this world, how do you find the faith to keep walking?  How do you find the strength to get out of bed everyday and try and make a difference?
Now before you say to yourself, “wow, Alicia is really going through something” let me tell you that I’m preaching on this subject this Sunday.  But mostly I want to draw from my group of friends, fellow seminary students, former students, all those close to me:
What are the things that keep you going through the darkness?  What are the moments in life that allow you to “keep the faith”?
More to come on this topic as I continue to flush it out with the passage I’m preaching on.  I don’t want to jade any comments so please, comment away with whatever comes to mind.

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  1. Knowing the character of God keeps me going. Waiting for the full restoration of all things keeps me going. The fact that resurrection will happen keeps me going.
    But the reality is, sometimes that doesn’t keep me going. Sometimes I throw up my hands wishing I was done. And it’s on those moments that I later realize I am completely dependent. And without knowing it, I kept going solely because I was completely dependent- on God and my neighbor.
    And then I want to love both even more.

  2. heck of a sermon topic, alicia. the first thing that i thought was the people around me. not that they need me to complete their everyday existence, that would be exceptionally egotistical, even for me. but the community around me is reason to get up, even when it seems easier to stay in bed, and hope sleep masks pain. I need them, sometimes to prop me up, sometimes to encourage me, sometimes just to smile and remind me that the sun is shining and that God is good. Because I know that I’d do the same for them, and they do too. obviously this doesn’t cover all the bases, and lets be honest, we’re pretty lucky to have the people around us that we do, so it’s a bit easier to write about the importance of community. but i do think people are the driving factor in a lot of my motivation. maybe have more later. good luck.

  3. As cheezy as this might sound, it’s the little things that help. The promises that God has made. I have note cards with verses of His promises to remind me; even when I don’t want to hear it or don’t believe it.
    Also, rather than focus on what I think He’s going to do, it helps to remind myself what He has already done.
    Someone recently made a point that really hit home with me regarding Isaiah 40:31 and waiting on the Lord. The darkness for me lately has been waiting…I’ve never known until this year how exhausting and excruciating waiting can be. Anyway, the point that was made was that when we are waiting on something to happen, we are completely drained; it’s when we wait on the Lord that our strength is renewed. Not the easiest concept to hold onto, but it’s helped.
    And I do have to agree with the 2nd commenter regarding the importance of community. I can be a hermit when I’m struggling, but it’s the people closest to me who help pull me out of that and they can count on me to do the same.
    Good luck on preaching such a heavy topic…wish I could be there to hear it. (c:

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