He is awesome

This week is VBS.  So for the last weekish I’ve been eating, sleeping and breathing Pandamania.  It has been pretty exhausting.  But yesterday morning started the pay off.  250 kids showed up to learn about God and how much he loves us.
It’s just a joy to see these kids come in, some that have been coming every year, some that are new this year.  It’s so fun to be a part of all the action.  It’s been fun being able to be the person behind the opening and closing sessions.  But the relationships with the kids and the leaders is by far the most rewarding.  It’s so fun to see how these kids grow and see how they experience God.  It’s also amazing to watch volunteers from our church step up and serve in places where they are gifted.  I am more and more thankful to see the way that God has created people so vastly different and allow them to serve in ways that they are uniquely gifted.
It makes the hours of painting, group arranging, t-shirt sorting and name tag writing totally worth it.

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